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Vannia Ibarguen

Vannia Ibarguen, graduated from the University of Maryland with a MFA in Dance, is an international performer, choreographer, instructor, and artistic director of her own troupe VIDA - Vannia Ibarguen Dance Arts. She was a Soloist at the Ballet Municipal de Lima, being finalist at the XIII International Ballet Competition in Peru. She discovered Modern and Contemporary Dance and decided to train in Argentina, Cuba and United States. As a dancer, she has performed in Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Hong Kong, and in a dozen cities in the US. Among the artists she worked with are Lucy Telge, Mikhail Koukharev, Renato Zanella, Mario Galizzi, Nejla Yatkin, Dana Tai Soon Burgess, John Jasperse, Tere O'Connor, Donna Uchizono, Victoria Marks, Miya Hisaka, Liz Hoefner-Adamis, among others. Vannia has received awards for her choreography in United States, Peru, Argentina, Cuba, and Colombia. She is also the Artistic Director of Global Water Dances, a biennial event where more than 100 cities around the world create outdoor dances to raise awareness about water issues in the local and global community. As dance educator, Vannia promotes body-awareness and somatic practices within the technique to help her students build a solid foundation and achieve longevity in their dance careers. Vannia was awarded the Anne Zirulnik Student Scholarship for exceptional promise in Dance Education in the NDEO Conference in New York in 2009.